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Reservation form should be mailed at the soonest to the company ARCH TEC in France in order to assign any possible vacant location to new coming exhibitors.

Reservations forms should be preferably sent before the 2nd of the previous month before the Gun Show in order to be assigned its usual location. After this time limit, we can't guarantee that we will be in a position to offer you your usual location or even any place.

This deadline is useful to optimize space and give also satisfaction to new comers .

Please don't forget to mention your assistant name on the reservation form (name, first name and address) even if he comes usually and send us a copy of his ID if he (she) comes for the first time.

The assistant (s) who is (are) not mentioned on the reservation form will not be accepted at the entrance with the exhibitor, but only at 9 AM, and they will have to pay the entrance fare which is 7,5 euros.

Do not add any "false" assistant. In such a case you ought to have to leave the exhibition !