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Theme of the show

The gun show is not only the place to sell, to buy, and to exchange but also a discovery place for the visitors who come to see passionate collectors, and also a place for meeting members of numerous collectors associations.

There you will find among others, new and second hand collectables such as :

  • Ancient firearms, disactivated weapons, collection hunting and firing weapons;
  • collecting knifes (sword, rapiern saber), hast weapons, etc. ;
  • spare parts for collection weapons, for headdresses, equipments, etc. ;
  • headdresses (helmets, caps, kepis, schakos, helms, etc.) ;
  • official clothes , military, collection, etc. ;
  • equipments (leathers, copperwares, other articles) ;
  • breathplates, armours, and spare parts ;
  • civil and military decorations, regimental badges, medals and civil and military arrays ;
  • military and civil optical articles ;
  • various military souvenirs made at the battle front, cartridge cases engraved by our soldiers during the First war ;
  • collection cartridges, reloading articles, ancient cartridges ;
  • paintings, engravings, litographs, earthenware, copper and bronze articles relating to military and hunting arts ;
  • historical documents, such as books, magazines, films, etc. ;
  • figurines, miniature military and firemen vehicules ;
  • curio, knick knack on some locations, around three, to offer some nice articles to the Ladies accompanying their husband at the Gun show.
  • and now also Art Premier exhibitors (primitive art) and Tribal art.

Notice :

Articles which are prohibited by the law are not displayed nor for sale. THose articles prohibited are weapons of 1st, 4th and 6th category,and articles (clothes, medals, helmets, political signs and equipments) which have been worn by the members of a nazi organisation which has been declared criminal according to the decree N░ 9 of the International Court of Justice, enclosed with the London Agreement dated August 8th, 1945, or also by anyone who was found guilty of crimes against human being (i.e. SS, SA, NSDAP, GESTAPO).