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The entrance ticket costs € 7,50 for more than 1000 meters of exhibition tables , i.e. less than 0,0075 euros per meter of stand visited. Is there any other larger Gun Show that can offer you such an interesting price ?!!!

Tickets cannot be ordered in advance by mail.

The entrance is payable as from 14 years.

Anyone underage (18 years) should come with an Adult.

Map of the Jean Monnet building

Entry Doors

The entrance for the Visitors is now located at main door, "47 rue des Solets ", where you can access directly to the cashier desk.

  • Visitors admission : between 9:00 AM et 4:00 PM - entrance: 47 rue des Solets,
  • Admission for Disabled : between 9:00 AM et 4:00 PM - entrance : 47 rue des Solets.
  • Admission time for resellers, not exhibitors,with compulsory valid badge : between 7:00 et 8:00 - entrance : Green Door (Porte Verte) "Rue du Sagittaire",